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    Yung Keyz as he is known by many was born on the Island of Nassau Bahamas on August 14th 1990.
    He was raised on the area of Bain Town (Augustus & Scott Street) where he lived with his father until he passed in the Fall of 2006. At the age of 13, he was inspired by a rapper known as Jody Breeze. It was then that he decided to be a part of the music industry. He graduated from C. R. Walker Senior High School where he was an honored athlete. In 2010 he made his first collab with So Serious & A.T.Money “We Here”.
    Upon success he joined Deep East Records. Early 2011 he decided to fully pursue his dreams of music. He looks up to rappers such as: Cassidy, Currency, Short Dwag & Jody Breeze.Yung Keyz has 4 siblings and his mother who fully supports him & his dreams, along with his Deep East Family. He plans to take the music industry to a different level.

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