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  1. Today been a good day so far

  2. collection just got bigger

  3. Miami smashin on Dallas

  4. Nigga said y'all got him fucked up he gone Rock the #Concords by any means http://t.co/uXtLHEPS

  5. 17-7 giants up RT @X_Williams81: Wats tha Jets Giants game lookin like?

  6. Bitch u gone lose if u don't get out my mentions RT @5thwardking: @TonyMo_ they lost get over it

  7. I almost forgot the texans play tonight

  8. Had the longest morning ever smh...Now I'm at the barbershop bout to get my wig split

  9. Texans still AFC south champs, We still having a WINNING record AND we still better then the cowgirls

  10. Been raking leaves and cutting shrubs since 3!! Ima be sore in the AM

  11. Wanna chase that paper huh lol RT @pretty_her: I wanna take a break spring semester sooooooo bad!

  12. It's impossible lol RT @taylor_surprise: @TonyMo_ i hope your day get ruined...lol

  13. I remember in HS we was talkn bout what we gone do after we graduate and that nigga @albertjoebitch told the teacher he gone sell dope

  14. RT @ImBrittNuffSaid: Sometimes the best thing for you to do is the hardest thing to do.

  15. My Lil cuz has too much hair to be 1yrs old! http://t.co/BRA1HduU

  16. Kanye West on the "Cleveland Show"

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