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  1. I never sleep, eyes wide open..

  2. Highed up dyin watchin Scary Movie ahahah

  3. "I didnt do didly, and certainly not squat" -Ned Flanders ahahahha

  4. Lays bbq chips n a coke

  5. “@iTsSARAHo_Oduh: #nap so badly need a cuddle buddy :'(” if only i lived in yo area..

  6. Takin a smoke break from smokin..words from my brutha @8BoIskyy

  7. Good morning Thank god for letting me see another day and for watchin over me and da bruthas lastnite cuz it couldve been somethin worse

  8. At da barbershop bout to get cut

  9. Halloween Party!! Friday October 28th on 54th and Hoover !! B2YB SKYY & OZ. Girls in FREE before 10!! $3 with costume $5 with out

  10. 8BoiMusic artist "SKYY" new mixtape "OVER NIGHT SUCCESS" support us no!!! support real HIP-HOP http://t.co/JQ5LhD3j

  11. Lost a follower but fucc it ima gain 2 for each one i lose

  12. Tryin to find a movie on netflix

  13. Once again at southwest wit @8BOISTAR

  14. Judge Mathis jus bought a Lil wayne t-shirt dis guy bought at a concert for $40

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