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  1. I was fading breakfast was wearing off, glad its lunch time

  2. i feel what Common is saying cuz Drake was NEVER bout that life, but his music is O_o

  3. Where am I watching the game tonight?!?

  4. Bitch you wasn't with me shooting in the gym.... BITCH YOU WASN'T WITH ME SHOOTING IN THE GYM!!!

  5. Paul In Here Talking Sh.t I Just Wana Drop His iPhone

  6. RT @MistahMarvel: RT @Gbaybi: 1.11.12 • 1.12.12• 1.14.12

  7. Get loose for a quarter juice

  8. I think I'm puerto rican & black we in #BULLSCLUBLIVE Mixing

  9. Man....I need a girl to ride to my face #SoGlazyENT

  10. Jut another lonely night

  11. Photo: Pretty sure you ain’t heard this track… #youSLEEP (Taken with instagram) http://t.co/frAOqmZB

  12. Don't just vibe with me, I WANT YOU TO FEEL ME!!! (listen to the lyrics) #ThePlaylistJr coming soon

  13. My mom carried me for nine months. She felt sick for those months with nausea, then she watched her feet... http://t.co/aMbYF8uB

  14. You know its real when your latest nights are your greatest nights...

  15. West Virginia put up 70 on Clemson, So disrespectful

  16. RT @LazyEyezz: @DJBrightLight My sniping services are already in use bruh lol

  17. Where's India Arie?!?! I miss her good music

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