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  1. 2morrow I start my weight lost training so Gym time tomorrow.

  2. Introducing, Verbalation: New music by Detroit rap/hip hop artist. http://t.co/eZs4pzXu

  3. Off to bed got skool in the morning. God Bless. It's #SouthernSlangGang

  4. Listening to the new RIPSHAC MUSIC http://t.co/tDr5K1ij New Orleans own B-ATRIS makes Top 40 and Top 100 Sept.- Oct.

  5. If you a pimp then pimpin ain't easy for you.

  6. Bout to watch a movie then hit the sheets. #SouthernSlangGang and God Bless Yall.

  7. you have fans but i have supporters. I love errbody that loves me back. We a Unit like #G-Unit but it's #SouthernSlangGang

  8. Marian K. Sawyer LIVE Debut EP Sexy, Classic & Romantic mood music 5 # 1 Hits NOW@ CD BABY& ITunes! http://t.co/MrYlBjZS

  9. New Full Version- A Plus- "Ride It" (Produced By Johnny Juliano)...It's A Hit http://t.co/BKBlMSzI

  10. Friday nites usually mean going to the club or having sex tonite.

  11. It's really cold fa real and it's the perfect time to cuddle up wit ya love one.

  12. Photo: Salute to SouthernSlangGang and everybody. Salute me back. http://t.co/U3LcrNqR

  13. Money ain't changin me. I'm still me the music is in me. God has my back thru the thick in thin and i'm blessed to have this talent.

  14. You can't fit in my shoes and understand what i been thru so don't judge me judge yaself. Only god could judge me cuz i see things clear.

  15. yall go subscribe to my youtube page. Got some vlogs coming up this coming week. http://t.co/iBbsyZRl

  16. #PittsburghZo,#NEWMixtape@betshawty,HostedBy#djPExclusivez Free Via DatPiff http://t.co/3X9uD0Rl

  17. idk what's gonna go down today but i hope its good.

  18. I got some stuff for yall next year. I'm going to bed. hit the sheets and have a good nite sleep. God bless yall. #southernslanggang.

  19. Check this video out -- Where's My Playstation 3? http://t.co/NaCx8Lyf via @youtube

  20. ATTENTION ARTISTS! Expand ur reach, gain fans & take ur career to the next level! Hit @BBUSUGE http://t.co/ArC38IXa

  21. I really do hate my teacher. i'm glad to be at home right now.

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