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    Los Angeles,CA / Rome,ITALY
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    Music and Music Business
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    LeS bLeSd is truly an artist of, and for, our time who is building a buzz around the globe on the Hip Hop scene, one song at a time. With a distinctive flow and vocal pattern he is currently enjoying the flexibility that being an unsigned artist brings but is ready to share his music with a wider audience.

    Born, Lester "Doneal" Bourage, Jr in Meridian, Mississippi he moved to his new home in Los Angeles, CA at a very young age where he discovered and developed his passion as an artist. Growing up in a household that believed no matter what trials come your way, you are blessed, it seemed fitting for him to choose the artist name LeS bLeSd.

    By the age of 13 LeS bLeSd knew that not only did he want to be a rapper, but he wanted to be one of the greats. He immersed himself in music whether it was freestyling at school around lunch table beat boxes, listening to the latest CDs and radio shows, constantly writing poetry and rap lyrics or even taking part in a samba reggae band. As a young musician he was determined to learn as much as he could about music as a whole and dedicated all his free time to it.

    After graduating at the age of 16 and earning a college scholarship LeS bLeSd immediately enrolled in the Musician's Institute programme to learn more about the professional and technical aspects of the industry.

    However, LeS bLeSd's life has been no fairy-tale. Like many young adults in the inner city, he would go on to encounter many hardships and struggles whilst pursuing his music career. Tragedy struck with the loss of one of his closest friends and brothers who became a victim of street violence while protecting his girlfriend on the way to a nightclub in Hollywood, CA. It would take him several years to truly "bounce back" but he had made a promise and did what any determined, strong willed person would do and turned his pain and frustration into passion and fuel.

    Back on his grind and focused more than ever this young artist went on to do constant shows and features with local and signed talent, also releasing his first self-produced street single "Cut the Check" and completing his first official mixtape "oVERgROUND", with Bad Boy Record's DJ Siza, both of which were well received by fans and critics alike.

    LeS bLeSd's efforts as an unsigned artist have since earned him collaborations with artists such as Freck the Billionaire of Sizzle Records/StreetFam (Fabolous' Label) and with one of Italy’s top hip hop artists Duke Montana. The latter took him overseas to Rome to record and shoot one of his biggest production videos to date, "Brace Yourself" which received international radio play and constant views online, as well as on terrestrial television.

    The future is looking bright for LeS bLeSd as he works on his debut album due out in mid 2014 and prepares to work with internationally renowned DJ Oggy. Proving that his appeal isn’t limited to his music, LeS bLeSd is working on a branding deal with a clothing line entitled #D.R.U.G.S - Do Right U Gain Success owned by the international Hip Hop/Fashion magazine SWAGG News, Inc.

    There are few rap artists who are truly dedicated, passionate, skilled and business savvy enough to prove their worth in today's entertainment industry but this unsigned new comer at the age of 24 is set to claim his place among the elite. His motto is "Not waiting for the best opportunities, but creating them” and it’s that ethos and his work ethic that is sure to catch the eyes and ears of the industry.
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    recording , post production , writing lyrcs

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