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  1. Video: I know you miss the NBA so take a break your sadness and Watch This… http://t.co/IEyazj1

  2. Ok I will be buying the new Xavier Bball jersey.. They go hard

  3. Depression is started to set in since there was no NBA opening night last night.

  4. Lil Wayne rhyme on The Motto is garbage.. What is this man doing?

  5. I might have to make an appearance..

  6. Ok.. what's going on with this game? Its not over yet

  7. I'm hype.. In Living Color is coming back on the air

  8. Who wants to got Candy bag jacking with me?

  9. Nothing will change because everyone wants to live forever.

  10. REDO: About to watch JT's movie "In Time" at home since I wasn't invited to go see it in theaters @Misz_Prf3s

  11. Check this video out -- Dwight Howard "Pause" After Saying Andrew Bynum is Very Long http://t.co/uVcKVsX via @youtube

  12. Has Chris Johnson ran for 100 yards in a game this season.

  13. Calling all SU grad students. If you can spare 15 mon for a friend I would like to interview you about loans.

  14. La Russa definitely cursed on the air

  15. Bill Simmons said it best "Rock N' Jock, MTV's most underrated creation, somehow blended the worlds of a charity event.."

  16. Currently Bumpin @Tip King Album

  17. Video: This Youngin Can Spit: Astro (14-Year-Old Brian Bradley) Performs On The First Live Show On X Factor US! http://t.co/TyADSGI via

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