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  1. About to head to Abaco Bahamas to perform tonight at Club Insomnia #destinysound

  2. Miami Nights in The Bahamas @ Club XS!!! Let's go!!! #destinysound

  3. On this long ass line at the number house...you would think this is legal smh

  4. Time for bed....welcome to my world #nightowl

  5. Wild Out Wednesdays at the pool room tonight!! (Freeport) #destinysound

  6. Going live on Mix 102.1 FM today #destinysound

  7. When you tryna be the best there's always someone that's gonna try to be a stumbling block. Sad thing is its almost always someone close.

  8. Take a wiff of my spliff

  9. On the bank line thank God for twitter....helps the time pass easier

  10. Just arrived at 9 ball for Uptown Sundays #ready

  11. This weather needs to change nah

  12. Taino Beach Discovery Holiday Beach Bash!!! Let's go!! #Bahamas

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