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  1. Anybody got Edmonson at 8 n da mornin.....i need to kno wat chapters he said do #Biology

  2. Lol we need to brang dis kinda dancin back to da club

  3. Man dat Popeyes had me ignorin my phone

  4. Ay fam...when time go in for work study this week or next week

  5. night fam...1 love

  6. Ima get married one day but one day seems a long time from now #TeamNopeNotMe

  7. Bout to hop in #LilSmoove (Da whip) and chop it wit da big bro on da Westside

  8. Thank you God for wakong me up. Been playing wordz wit friends all day n night...this makes all morning. Play me.. Username: djSuedeSantanna

  9. Tim Tebow.... Dat guy

  10. Just when u thank niggas don''t know....niggas already knew #Keepit1000

  11. I bet Vince Young so motivated right now...hope Mike dnt get hurt agn but Vince prolly more ready thn ppl think..he feel he gotta prove smtn