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  1. my mother like her thats all that matters

  2. we are just alike lol

  3. I don't mind helping out but when u get smart when I help u out that's a problem

  4. So she went hard and parked her car right here

  5. lmaooo just sent a video message lmaoo thats funny tho

  6. RT @missfree: RT @4mzneceebabee: #PhrasesIWishWouldDie on everything (what's everything if u have nothing) @BigTiggerShow @missfree

  7. My teacher just said "Nigger" lmaoo and she white but it was in a song lmaooo and she was singing it

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @sMileyFacekeena !!!!! ENJOY!!!

  9. I gotta wake up in a few hours

  10. When it hits midnight I put the bs happen yesterday behind me

  11. Was lookin at law n order now playing the game

  12. I left the door open for a reason

  13. In this cluster barber shop man waitin just waitin

  14. Good morning family

  15. RT @QueenShoeGuru: !!!! RT @IamYourDESTYNEE: S/O TO @DJ_DeAnt.!!! GOOD JOB DJn TONIGHT.

  16. RT @PhatBUTT_Juice: S/O to @DJ_DeAnt he playing all the good jams

  17. Nigga not even funny

  18. RT @Marlisadajour: so u flee ..leave me there and ask me where im at lmbo @dj_deant

  19. RT @ToneSaiditBest: "@IAmTravisPorter: Dis is da service pack for da dj's who want da remix clean n dirty http://t.co/jgEcXwgZ" @dj_dean ...

  20. Bout to do this work

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