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  1. TONIGHT #FreakNikHouseParty LADIES FREE TIL 12 ‼️ ? WaterGuns ?FREE FOOD ?FREE DRINKS ? Wild Antics ?1680 S Gordon ST SW ATL 7

  2. RT @BIackPplTweets: My life https://t.co/Ozt4MScSae

  3. i need to go cash in my coins in my car for dollars

  4. Got some moes back home

  5. Phone and mentions dry..... what's goin on

  6. In this damn line to pack

  7. U can tell a lot about a female by there shoes/heels

  8. Im free tonight who need a dj

  9. This place stupid pack

  10. downloading this mixtape

  11. Cleaning up this house

  12. Good morning feeling good today

  13. I dnt love...tired of being hurt

  14. there no point to watchin this game

  15. On my workflow hope my check comes in

  16. About to smash this curry chicken http://t.co/7yzHxO2f

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