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    One thing that the greatest artist of our time have in common is the ability for their

    music to penetrate a variety of demographics. Mass appeal plays a major part in the career

    of any artist. Houston, TX bred artist Zavey strives to not only create good music but good

    music for everyone to vibe to. Zavey got his start at a young age through one of the most

    fundamental skills we learn as kids, reading. He says that as a kid he picked up rhyming

    skills by reading a lot of Dr. Seuss books.

    Coming behind artists like Bun B, Chamillionaire and Slim Thug, Zavey is putting his

    own stamp on the Houston music scene. While many artists are focused on how to make

    it NOW, Zavey is reaching toward the goal of longevity. His love for his craft and his hopes

    for himself are all expressed on a Stunt N Dozier track entitled “Everybody Raps.” His most

    recent mixtape Thinking Out Loud is hosted by DJ Fletch and the super-production team,

    Stunt n Dozier. With 20 tracks of original material, Zavey puts down his expressions on

    everyday living from love, to loss, to hanging on the block.

    As a passionate and working artist, Zavey continues to perfect his craft everyday. His

    music has been featured on sites such as http://www.irsrap.com/ and www.thafixx.com dopegrlcheme.blogspot.com.

    With his continued exposure and preserverence, Zavey is sure to obtain the longevity he desires.
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    Making Music

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  1. Check this video out -- Blown Away - Zavey (Prod. by TheProdeuser) http://t.co/RfuLwZng via @youtube

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