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  1. i love mt PROMO #TEAM : @MsPreciousJulez you are just like sunshine to me & i will ALWAYS appreciate your hard work & dedication.

  2. #SALUTE 2 @byrdgangshoota i see u my G . i appreciate the RTs & u already know i'm ready 2 TURN IT UP! shouts out to my n*gga @MAFIATHEBOSS

  3. Want more on info on @TeamAbso & @DJABSOLUT1? Follow the BOSSLADY @vpsonia718 & @TakeThisSerious . thx

  4. Numbers dont lie if anyone wants the statistics on @PhenomRadio . DM me . Free #MobileApp available now 4 SmartPhones! we #WORLDWIDE ya dig?

  5. i'm now following @DaisyGrant because i support #JERSEY! #followback luv & lets chop it up . i do PR, Promotion & Brand Management.

  6. FOLLOW my cuzzo @YasminShiraz. She is a very talented #author #filmmaker. Log On to {http://t.co/K9do18Kf} for info on 'The Call Me Dae'

  7. I would be your best choice to get PROMOTiON for your mixtape, *NEW* video, or #iTUNES single. MY TEAM GOiN IN 247.

  8. LMAO: @SeriousBok dat n*gga @MrBeaton said i'll do it ..lmao . beat dat b*tch wit a bat .. she stupid cause that didnt make no damn sense

  9. shout ut 2 @RazbeRrySpaRkle :) Thanks for the continued support. Have a great week.

  10. DONT just upload a #HOTT track or video to #YouTube. Add your #iTUNES link. if your song is great start making money & getting more EXPOSURE

  11. G'd up from the feet up. #pimpin101

  12. i'm now following @MZ_PRETTYLADY. Thanks for the shout out. Have a great week!

  13. i need yall 2 check out the updates for the homie @triggertreach & @naughtybynature. *NEW* Album Droppin NOV 15. G sh*t 4 ALL the fans. thx

  14. OFFiCiAL NOTICE : @VictoriaAngel now managed by @futureguru100. DM me for ALL Booking inquiries #JERSEY #NYC #ATL #WORLDWIDE!

  15. Did u see the e mail i sent you? thats just a few key players on my Team. We more like a ARMY! GROWiNG DAiLY & GOIN HARD IN THE PAINT!

  16. sendin some love to the sexy azz @AmberBYumz :) Enjoy your Sunday my darling.

  17. want more info on @DJABSOLUT1 & @TeamAbso??? U gotta FOLLOW the BOSSLADY >>> @vpsonia718. Make sure u @TakeThisSerious today. thx

  18. I dont sleep i take POWER naps so i can keep making #PowerMoves /// #KillaKel Qoute

  19. Send me a DM if u have a budget for ADVERTISING & PROMOTION. let me know what ya workin with.

  20. sending some love to the #SuperSexy @PoetJanetDawson :) it was great speaking witcha & i look forward to working with you. You're great!

  21. SALUTE 2 @Parablespoetry. thanks for supporting @BOOMMAN_MMI . make sure to FOLLOW me @MMI_NJ_NYC for more 'BOOMIN' updates. #WeUpinHere.

  22. ATTN LADiES yall need to ask my homie @murphylee about that @FREAKYMUSCATO

  23. sending some #SaturdayLove to @shesoshysti :) . ALL DAY Too . .lol . like this >>> *muah* *Muah* & xoxoxoxo . owwwwww! Hello my darling :)