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    Full Name is Draveon L. Moreland. The "L" is for "Loyalty" Im from Atlanta, GA born and raised. I promote for 2 artists from East Atlanta by the names of "ATLDreDay" and "Lil Mike" . They are not rappers (no offense to those that are) but they are "True Spittas" who spit straight from the Heart and tell stories about the life they lead and the people they know. ATLDreDay mixtape can be found on hotnewhiphop.com/ATLDreDay The mixtape is called "Long Time Coming" You can also find music on soundcloud.com/ATLDreDay and FreeStyles from ATLDreDay and LIL Mike are available at YouTube.com/ATLDreDay !! SUPPORT GOOD MUSIC!!

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  1. I see dis same wack song on my timeline everyday. It's niggas like dem dat give rap a bad rep

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