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    Brooklyn New york
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    My Interest are to gain a populated mass following to all of the artist that i'm affiliated with and to gain a great following for my company Kartel Route Multimedia. which all can look up and follow us and what we do in this music industry.
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    Kris Kartel Multimedia company bklynafc@gmail.com
    Photography Dalila Barreto Mrz.Barreto@gmail.com
    Web designers / organizer Asim robinson 737arobinson787@gmail.com
    Artist developer Kemanee Dickens Keemanee@gmail.com
    Brooklyn N.Y 11206 (347) 429-5158 OR (347) 885-8614
    Christopher Newson known as Kris Kartel Founder of Kartel Route Multimedia built this company in the year of 2006 with gentlemen by the name of Sunny Mcmullin and another by the name of Asim Robinson. Kris has Known and been dealing with the ins and outs of the industry since 1995. Performing with a group called A.F.C which was in the era of illegal who was brought out by Naughty by Nature and the youngstas also brought out by Naughty by Nature, also Kris Kross. Which means Kris knows the pressure artist have to go through just to be noticed in this industry. Kartel Route Multimedia is an artist development company who teaches artist Management, show booking performing arts, studio recording, and how to form a complete Bio for your own personal marketing. Kartel Route also does promotion and marketing for known and unknown artist.
    Kartel Route is known to take inner city kids off the street and engage them in music and performing arts. Teaching kids discipline, respect, honor, and loyalty not only for the culture but also for themselves.
    Kartel Route since has worked with people such as Mickey Factz, BKCashmere, Newz, Luck da yung godfather, S.Gutta, Hellz Yea, The real Manifest, Rhino da Boss, Bankroll, Six known as Uptown Ricky Decosta, Billionz, B.A.D, E.T.G, P.H.A.T, Domination, Mazaradi Fox, Sha stimuli, Yung G da general, Bmafia, and companies such as Ill Corp N.A.rock Inc. Mix B studios, Triple X studios, Hood Heat Radio,
    Kartel Route is known to have experience with digital recording and promotion, marketing artist developing, show booking, graphics media arrangement and organization, digital publishing, book keeping, and formal interview skills. Please check out some of the artist and sites, which Kartel Route has, solicit and promoted some of these artists on.

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    Music, Promotion, and being a great human being

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  1. Ready for the world By Instrumental Killas (produced by Beez) http://t.co/DP7ByyjaR1

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