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Status Updates posted by djcoldchill

  1. Who really goes to the gym to watch other ppl workout time to find a new partner

  2. Lmao this nigga @lilduval a fool on this #GREENLIGHT by @TroubleDTE on the skit "give me my bitch back"

  3. Jus cuz u got money don't make u real u jus a richer pussy n my @TroubleDTE voice this #GREENLIGHT already going strong #Salute

  4. Bout to watch the roast of #charliesheen and spark up

  5. I"ll always read the book b4 I judge it

  6. Damn @DJCLUE had the world tuned into power 105 for the @myfabolouslife interview

  7. Wow them g4Boyz did not make a dis track for @alleyboydte that's like L. Merchant starting a fight wit #mayweather u ain't gon win at all

  8. Damn that's sad to see a child say my daddy got 40yrs left

  9. 2 nice of a day to let go to waste music blasting bumpn the boy @TroubleDTE

  10. Now that the fight I's over time to get to the night life where it at 2night

  11. Every1 saying #Mayweather gon win but u neva kno shit #Ortiz might change the game on y'all

  12. “@BIRDMAN5STAR: We. Ride 4.BARBiE.YMCMBusine$$”wuts BARBIE boss?