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Status Updates posted by PrinceCharming

  1. Guess im fina go ta sleep.

  2. Nd yu wonder why i do da stuff i do.. STFU!

  3. Been sick... A nigga dizzy nd feel like im finna pass TF out.

  4. I feel horrible. My fukn head hurt.

  5. Niggas is jealous but i kud care less.

  6. I love makn da music dat yall like ta hear. Its been my dream since i was a lil kid.

  7. But anyways me nd my niggas was wildin out laznight at fridays.

  8. I aint down wit havin my felings crushd. Bt it happens.

  9. Ion knw wht to believe right now but ima believe my gurl ova anything.. So fuk wht erybody else sayin.

  10. Everybody Wanna Be Cuffed & Taken , But Nobody Don't Wanna Be Committed & Faithful

  11. Theres ppl that gud stuff happen too, theres ppl that gud stuff dont happen too.. Thats just how it goes..

  12. Somethn wrong nd i kan feel it.

  13. On dha way hme frum my game.