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    We are PQ Entertainment. We are a small indie label with 6 artists and a production/beat making team. We are just want to do work and get our music heard. We have exclusives for artist that are looking for that original sound and we also have other services we offer like mixing, mastering, beats and low coast Distribution. Our Beat makers are @pqbmo and @pqbjay. You can hear more of their beats and see if you would like to work with us via www.soundcloud.com/pqbmo & www.soundcloud.com/pqbjay. You can also see more about everyone on www.pqentertainment.com. Also follow us and our team on facebook and Twitter. Twitter handles are: @pqent @pqbjay @pqbmo @westcoast_rob @jemthehaitian @datboychurch @jgthevision @lr414 @djyouso
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  1. RT @DatBoyChurch: Neva been the author type cat my life is in my music take a walk through "a day in the life" http://t.co/ZJBGLUIN