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    On April 21,1989 a young man was born in the island of St. Croix to a well talent inclined family; whom background include a radio disc jockey and anchor reporter as well as a cosmetologist whom couldn’t think of another name except Savida Alphonso Milligan, which in English means the ‘The Life of a Noble/ Ready individual”. Throughout childhood was known to interact himself or keep him updated with the media of his time. Upon graduating from junior high school he saw a change in his atmosphere he didn’t see himself as just an average teenager but one whom would strive for the best. Upon arrival in high school he open his eye to music and his different forms of expression including visual arts. Well known for his voice and joyous entertainment on stage. He was drawn to compete in other competitions include Mr. Sweetheart and King of Kings where there his talent wowed the crowd and got him more exposure. Throughout that time in high school he became lead roles in school plays and was well known for impersonating other well singers whom voice was very hard to other to impersonate. Upon his graduation on June 15, 2007 from the St. Croix Education Complex High School he joined the United States Navy to serve his country as well as to promote betterment to yet his family and his island. While there he traveled the world and also received many honorable medals. On January 7, 2010 he married his high school girlfriend and then realizes that there was more to be known to everyone about him. He continued modeling during his off time while on port for the JRP Modeling Agency as well as for The Sunglasses Hut and MACY’S. After leaving for a deployment and a few months left on his contract with the US NAVY. He came with the decision and knowledge that after his completion he will live sleep and know his work and dream is MUSIC. And know it is in his strive and determination to continue what he love most….ENTERTAINMENT!
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