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  1. Registering for classes is one of the most stressful times of the school year...

  2. ^_^ RT @MsKarina_ @DJJmayy is going innnnn at this Halloween party at the district! Ayeeee.

  3. I can't see em coming down my eyes, so I gotta make this song cry...

  4. RT @DatManMoe Yah know what it is wen Superman and Batman get together Kinda like that @Djjmayy & @DatManMoe Calab!

  5. #Weak RT @Cinnaberryy i hate when ppl expect me to care about their feelings..no sir not me *rick ross voice*

  6. They better be!!! RT @DatManMoe DONT THINK PEOPLE READY FOR TOMORO FOREAL!! @BaysSoClutch @Tre_no_Y @Phree_Lance @DJJmayy @Jenktwice

  7. I don't have the time for people... I guess that's why no one really stays around me for long smh

  8. Sorry to #SOMF if I seemed rude at the end of activity hour, I was late to class so I had to go...

  9. This----> RT @Kendral0ve: iDownload music when I'm Bored

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