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  1. You may be more content with listening to what others want wit... More for Cancer http://t.co/Omd8SQS

  2. I'm at Sweetwater Bar and Grill (2920 Old Norcross Rd, Sweetwater Rd, Duluth) http://t.co/k1UKoMH

  3. If you get caught up in an emotional melodrama today, it would... More for Cancer http://t.co/Omd8SQS

  4. I'm at Sweetwater Rd (Sweetwater Rd, Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth) http://t.co/2CIYzXQ

  5. Listen to my new episode SMACK A HOE WITH KID B at http://t.co/DevwhAl. #BlogTalkRadio

  6. Plannin halloween (@ Walmart Supercenter w/ 2 others) http://t.co/WDTeDOM

  7. I just ousted Sam S. as the mayor of States Bridge Rd & Medlock Bridge on @foursquare! http://t.co/MAy0XX6

  8. Today your false sense of optimism may have you believing that... More for Cancer http://t.co/Omd8SQS

  9. I'm at Club 2565 (Amber T, Sweetwater Rd, Duluth) http://t.co/BpVVPPO

  10. twitter.com/youngr478Wednesday On Home Team RadioMIDDLE GA's own Young R http://t.co/OCKcKVf

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