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  1. Faithful to the fullest my thoughts are made of wealth, only promises I break are the ones I make myself.

  2. USA still winless after 3 matches. Knew getting rid of Bradley was a bad idea.

  3. I would be the only one on campus without an umbrella in this down pour.

  4. Never liked Rocko's Modern Life, wheres Recess & Rocket Power at?

  5. Kurt Angle's new 3 I's: Intensity, Intoxicated, Incarcerated.

  6. This real rap's a plague & the game is acting tensely, but I'm never packing heat not even Predator can sense me. #Bars

  7. I only write these bars with hopes that they imprison me, cause I stand to see your face with a man that isn't me.

  8. Poetix - Hip-Hop Saved My Life (Cover).. http://t.co/Bc9UVmG

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