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  1. Tune In To Our Station From 8pm to 10pm Tonight For @newbreedradio Radio Show.

  2. "@CarterJaySG: @thedjcrisis I need contact for someone at @tsu_radio" go to tsuradio.com under contact us

  3. “@TheWakeUpTSU: TOPIC OF THE DAY #IREMEMBERWHEN what's your old school trend?”@TSU_squirrels

  4. “@CoreyPARTYBOY: #10ThingIFindUnAttractive when girls get they eyebrows like this http://t.co/q5I6ghXA” @A1_Radio

  5. the music is hitting today on #tsuradio

  6. if you need a fre$h hair cut talk to @YungBleak615

  7. Tune in right now to tsuradio.com for @TheWakeUpTSU the official morning show for TSU

  8. if you ever wanted to know who runs this twitter it's @iamianlewis the GM and program director

  9. the topic is #WEAVE on @TheWakeUpTSU call in 615 963 7980 or tweet

  10. listen live to @newbreedradio right now they rocking til 10

  11. Over 800 tuned in to tsuradio.com yesterday let's keep it up #tsuradio let's trend

  12. Listen live to The Wake up @TheWakeUpTSU on #tsuradio they are on for another 40 minutes tune in

  13. Its almost time to wake up with @TheWakeUpTSU the topic is #UknowUgo2TSUwhen

  14. Wake up with @TheWakeUpTSU 8-10am Mon-Fri

  15. listen to @TheWakeUpTSU right now on tsuradio.com

  16. Roscoe dash meet and greet tomorrow

  17. freshman voice right now on #tsuradio

  18. #ambition listening party 11.1.11 @Wale x #tsuradio keep listening for more info

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