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  1. Lol #tbt who remembers this!! https://t.co/NXufjwVqy7

  2. Favorited "the underground ft" https://t.co/lhmKiaXFum by @_defdjrave

  3. Look what @isabel_hottie bought me! Xoxo- cook out 2moro at my crib whos down. Hit me up http://t.co/bTIdJGmEHy

  4. 2moro redgoose! ! I b in the mix! !!

  5. RT @isabel_hottie Gay lol get work RT @_defdjrave I wish I can wear u at my job LOL http://t.co/LetXawnS hater

  6. Mann Iam going to start to working 12 hrs a day ! $$$$

  7. RT @mrsjuicyj @isabel_hottie awwwww love your profile picture!!! =) lol gay LOL

  8. RT @DefDjScrappy Bahahahahaha!!!! RT @Unswayable @DjDre jerk face LOL That don't even sound right LOL

  9. Well at least is Tuesday!

  10. mann i miss my babies! fuck it i am going to use them this year http://t.co/pLDP9lrg

  11. Going to connect my set up :)

  12. play Words With Friends. My username is 'Defdjrave'. http://t.co/IDXk45hD #GamesWithFriends

  13. I'm at Ojos Locos Sports Cantina (515 Houston St., at W. 5th St., Fort Worth) http://t.co/OY7nmDDn

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