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  1. If I don't hear it on espn I don't believe it

  2. Dope man gave me 2 Gs for 15 bones *starts crip walking*

  3. Damn I lost plug to the feds

  4. Aww shit my xbox live working again

  5. It's lonely up here at the top

  6. i hate niggas who be thinking to much

  7. The bigger the risk the bigger the reward

  8. I swear my mom don't pay attention to shit I tell her

  9. man my parents some bitchs straight up

  10. Lmao RT @DaGrandMarquis: @datzNigee23 bullshit. I need to start smoking weed again.

  11. need to go get some medicine for my glaucoma lol

  12. So there releasing the china Lebrons the same day as the last shots gotta cop both..

  13. Fintdawg back in full effect bitchs

  14. Zaxbys out of fries that's some coon shit son

  15. Surprised I'm not sleepy yet

  16. Came up 50,000 on a watch yesterday

  17. Lebron is a human cheat code on 2k son

  18. Do what you love and the money will follow

  19. think imma cop a couple pair of these lebron 9s tho son..

  20. My mom knows how to piss me off everytime yo

  21. Duke playing like that shit

  22. Prayers goes up blessings come down..

  23. Awww mane say it ain't so

  24. Apple some straight up bitchs man

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