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  1. and on that note, good afternoon.

  2. you. you are a sickening fish. yes you are.

  3. ooooo this weekend can't come any faster.

  4. my head hurts from being so aggravated.

  5. i'm a piece of work. i know.

  6. *grinds my teeth*

  7. [New @StreetAnthem] Swizz Beatz Launches Rebook Classics "Reethym of Lite" In NYC, Performs With Lloyd Banks - http://bit.ly/q0cS8g

  8. i just learned how to play crazy 8's.

  9. apple crisp sounds so delicious right now.

  10. wait.. not this last gif @KidFury sent.

  11. lemme tell you 'bout my best friendddd. lemme tell you 'bout my loverrrrr.

  12. [New @StreetAnthem] Interview: Lady Gaga Talks Cocaine, Money, and Nearly Going Bankrupt with Howard Stern - http://bit.ly/p6IlCu

  13. [New @StreetAnthem] David Guetta Feat. Taio Cruz & Ludacris - Little Bad Girl [Music Video] - http://bit.ly/r6vwMd

  14. EXCLUSIVE: Foxy Brown poses for PlayBoy Magazine. http://twitpic.com/5s6u4l

  15. i know a little freak, in-in hollywood..

  16. awww boo! RT @ayoyungstar i’m a stan for pam, thanks to @robo3k :)#trueblood

  17. 300 NYC on 11/18/11

  18. Get it together, Ibn.

  19. I found XD a counter part.

  20. i wish choco was coming with me this morningggg. i am such a big kid, and i am fine with this!