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  1. Upload loading mine now on the tube check it !

  2. Listening to #RICHFOREVER @rickyrozay Soundin like an album !

  3. is @kanyewest twitter hacked or something ?

  4. new video ... watch if ur at home for new years ! http://t.co/O3zQ3jIV

  5. Got Jeremih on my remake !!!! RT @Jeremih: ***NEW MUSIC**** " MIH Motto " http://t.co/pnp980jB

  6. Link me to your guys favorite remake of this year ...doing a 2011 remake countdown !

  7. was going to upgrade to 8gs but i cant even do that #smh

  8. if u bought the nbc drum-kit from me join the contest http://t.co/ycDexX8y !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. WoW 10 days 50 subscribers pr8 it !

  10. u know u dl alot when u buy premium for a website like filesonic !

  11. ...support ya boi by purchasing the new drum kit http://t.co/l0QV9ePA

  12. Purchase @Bigwhitebeatz and @BeatzByBleed Nightmare Before Christmas Drum Kit Here>>> http://t.co/Qo9zlO91

  13. All producers need some new drums / sounds ??? http://t.co/kAySFSi8

  14. for all producers whos been askin me where i get tag from watch this http://t.co/fpwFxQsj

  15. Wooo *rozay voice* @IAM2TALL thx for da follow !

  16. i heard Sidity on the raido today shout's-out to @superdavemusic !!

  17. Yeaaahh Boy Ahhhh Yeaahhh @DrummaBoyFRESH / @SnoopDogg / @RealWizKhalifa / @therealjuicyj "Smokin On" is officially my new joint !!

  18. this drum-kit is something else !! deff gonna blow yall away with the sounds in this kit and @BeatzByBleed and more to it "Enough Said"

  19. Working on prob the best beat i ever made ill deff get a placement for this a rihanna type track !

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