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  1. @HMSHost Eddie Greer has been helpful in my employment. He has offered wisdom and advise. .

  2. @TheTazTaylor u gotta iPhone?

  3. I keep on trying that and take a long look around.

  4. Cough, for them anyway is an equivalent of saying god is good. Now..... Have fun.

  5. Yo..... Thought I'd leave a comment.

  6. RT @candacevon: Titty Tuesday I love this pic all natural boobies

  7. I want to say thanks to @TraeABN. I'm pretty sure he shouted me out on 90.1 FM a while back.

  8. How is it possible persons can be homeless? How is that possible?

  9. Everyday I attempt to appreciate each person. I'ma attempt to try harder. Guess I was doing something wrong.

  10. 2:32 EXTREME close-up of (@unmentionedmodel), #drip. Insert image.

  11. Anybody can hit me up if they want to collaborate on a project.

  12. “@DamnitKL: I love kissing”

  13. “@theSiXFOOTAH: Porn star me!” Fuck wit me.

  14. When I extended my hand, you are to take it.

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