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been constructed

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been constructed

There are no less than twelve altars, said to have been constructed from designs by Michael Angelo, and certainly, in tory burch outlet their simplicity, massiveness, and grandeur, worthy of his genius. There are also, in a profusion of pictures and stat-uaiy, many works of art that have an extended celebrity. But, while I enjoyed these, I was yet more gratified to see, still swinging from the same point in the ceiling, the bronze lamp whose oscillations are said to have suggested to Galileo the theory of the pendulum.Detached from the Cathedral, as is always the case in Italy, but very near it, is the Baptistery, which seems to me, though less grand than many others, the most faultlessly and exquisitely beautiful building I ever saw. It looks small by the side of the Cathedral; yet it is about a hundred feet in diameter, and a hundred and eighty feet in height. It is circular, and surmounted by a dome. In the centre is an octagonal tory burch sale white marble font designed for immersion, with four smaller fonts, adapted to the present usage of the Romish church, at alternate angles of the larger. From the centre of the largerrises a shaft on which stands a statue of John the Baptist. The pulpit in this building is deemed superior in design and execution to any other structure of the kind in existence. It is hexagonal, and stands on seven columns of as many different kinds tory burch shoes of tory burch flats stone. These columns rest alternately on crouching human figures and on figures of beasts. On five sides of the pulpit (the sixth being used for the staircase and door), are carved scenes representing the Nativity, the Worship of the Magi, the Presentation in the Temple, the Crucifixion, and the Last Judgment.The Campanile, or bell-tower, of the Cathedral, also detached, as is customary in Italy, is the celebrated Leaning Tower.

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