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H.A.L.O.-wear Prods.(Hurdling All Lives' Obstacles)presents THA ILL GOSPEL2HooD Testament vol:2

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Guest DAIM

what do think about world problems  

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  1. 1. what do think about world problems

    • they are being solved
    • there are no problems only solutions
    • we need to stop the wars
    • stop poluting the atmospher
    • decrease population explosion
    • donate more to the poor
    • feed the hungry
    • take care of the elderly
    • house the homeless
    • pray always for GODs' guildence

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(The group is called Kin 4olk two Artists including Daim

Dizz and H.O.R.N )

the title of CD

By Spirit Not By Blood


Coming soon in the spring 03/09/2011pending


We are a:

Grown Folk Hip Hop which the group also calls "Truth Music"

We push the envelope by speaking out against the social problems of the world. Our music is an edgy hard spiritual hiphop rap. Saying to its' public time is running out for those who believe, "we don't reap what we sow". This sound is a trumpet for the truth to be told and righteousness to be bold. KIN-4olKs sound tracks clever in their straight forward approach to REAL TALK. The tracks grab the attention of it's listener with the hard beat, and holds public in aw of the message within the lyrics. Damien Dix a.k.a. DaimDizzDvilleDizzle and Ervin Hill a.k.a.Erv H.O.R.N. created this sound that is a Midwestern /Southern style in 2009. Daim from Cleveland and H.O.R.N. from Arkansas.They did shows with Lost Souls,Young Bucks,Bizzy Bones,Stevie Stone etc.....We are seeking contracts with major record labels deal. Right now sound track MY FAMILY GOT2 EAT has taken off because of the large unemployment rate, people can relate to having to do other things beside their profession of choice.We are a independent company working with some budget to accomplish goals.In an interview Erv stated he wants business grow because its' what's necessary in order help others. We are H.A.L.O.-wear Prods. Hurdling All Lives' Obstacles. We would like to start a legal defense fund, in efforts to keep hope alive for many penalized who have changed their life yet have no legal defense. Erv said,"right now it's all about the revenue ,all day everyday. To be able to do the things Iwant to do in my heart.Help out my FOLKs".Also C.O.D.(Charity Org. Donations or legal defense fund) to support inmates in prison like Joseph from the bible was incarcerated" to reach those in need of righteous representation.Fund needed to provide bus transportation for family of inmates visitation and that's just the beginning". When asked where do you want to take his sound?Erv replies "you already know,I bring the southern flavor;the sound of where I come from. I'm a that believes in GOD.first and foremost".Like most REAL TALK artist KIN-4olK seek to bring life experiences into mainstream."Basically it's a sound of a man transitioning from this or that about everything in between you know". "Not wanting to leave anything out"!"I got to be all the way real". When asked where do you want take your movement, Erv replied"from the bottom the TOP".Damien Midwestern sound with his streets C-town creation first album CASHBURY PLALA in the 80's help put together H.A.M.P.-loc. Prods.{Holla At Me Production}. As Daim Dville developed his art or brand he punched cd. album (Un4unate Struggle)which spoke of time miss fortune, devision, corruption and betrayal. This was the last album DVILLE put out before his Spiritual awakening into.Daim Dizzle. Daim then began work with POP-O from the business prospective and Otis a new artist he featured on his next album THA D.O.T. street Gospel hiphop rap,"trying to make a living while i'm punching the clock",a verse from his feature single(DEATH IS THE COST).Daim grew on to become Daim Dizz which hit the streets with album (THA ILL GOSPEL)that went over well with Internet Jango Airplay about 70,000 plays. Being excited about T.I.G.Daim waisted no time getting in his studio for his follow up album T.I.G.2 connecting with a brassy southern ex b-baller now artist and writer Erv H.O.R.N. was found by our a/r man AL (boogy)SMITH. Once THA ILL GOSPEL2 ( HooD Testament vol:2)they hit the stage with a sound shocked and rocked its' audience.The mix was hot the fellas didn't miss a beat when they stormed the stage. DAIM saying" Don't SLEEP Diamond n da ROUPH", HORN trumpeting"by SPIRIT....not by blood".Performing with Big Heffs' Ohio tour getting the word out as DAIM would say"I DON'T KNOW WHOs' GONNA B HERE but Da Gonna Know KIN-4olK was n Da HOUSE,Believe U Me"!!! Damien is the ceo publisher,writer,sound arranger,artist and productivity's has pushed this sound forward in positive movement. We can be found most places.Amazon.com,napster.com,isounds.comDamien Dix (Damien (ASHburyComiCs) 9021 GHETTO) on MyspaceReverbNation - Search,itunes.com,hellomusic.com/kin-4olk,reverbnation.com/kin-4olk,cd.baby.com/dizzle:cool:,myspace.com/daimdizz,facebook.com/daimdizz,twitter.com/halowearprods, Most of our fans enjoyed sound tracks BELIEVE,PEOPLE GOIN CRAZY2 feat:EVERT HUNT,REAL TALK,MY FAMILY GOT2 EAT, HANDLE YO BUSINESS,DOWN HERE,THA ILL GOSPEL interview,RECOGNIZE,I APPRECIATE U.contact info:POP-O hamploc@gmail.com,daimdizz@gmail.com

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