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Chino - Fresh to Def

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Chino AKA "Mr. 636" is a native son of St. Louis, MO. and the first official signing of independent label Nettwork Entertainment. A charismatic and eloquent MC Chino is the latest and greatest export from the STL. A superstar waiting to be discovered by the world, Chino has always known he was destined for stardom. "I've always been driven. My style is more laid back and I'm a very humble person." Chino actually wrote his first rhyme when he was only 9 years old but he didn't start getting serious until he was 19.

He got his first taste of the music industry when he landed a development deal with Atlantic Records. When things didn't really work out with that he decided to take matters into his own hands and he came up with his first local hit, "Bang InThe Club". Chino fondly remembers those early years when he was carving his name into the spotlight with rhymes and performances. "The reason I call myself Mr. 636 is because I want the whole area code from St. Louis. I want to be the first person from St. Charles County to do a lot of stuff in this part. Because if you're the first person to do something then people remember you."

Despite all of the doubt and adversity that he faced it just made him more determined. His first experiences as an MC came from his older cousin, who explained to him that writing rhymes was just the art of "putting words together that make sense." Chino elaborates, "I always hung out around older people. I've been sacrificing and it matured me." Chino has been perfecting his stage show by performing since 2004 and opening for some of the biggest names in the business. Snoop Dogg, Pall Wall, 8 Ball & MJG and Day 26 for starters and his first cousin, the legendary Kansas City King Tech 9. Through Chino's blood bond with Tech 9 and their shared passions he learned a lot. "Tech 9 my first cousin taught me a lot. I did my first few tours with him and I met a lot of people through him, Russell Simmons, Tupac." Chino has taken that knowledge and used it to further his career. Chino says "I believe in the impossible. I'm fortunate right now that my job is to be a rapper. So I have to go to work every day."

Chino's place of business is currently the Nettwork Entertainment studios where he puts it down with the label's CEO and producer, Anakin Swain. Chino says, "We go to the studio and I'm in my ring like Muhammad Ali in his prime. Everything comes from the heart so there's no writing block. We had a chemistry before we went into the studio. So now we're like Biggie & Puffy. To be successful you have to have someone to push you like that." When Nettwork Entertainment held a talent show to find the cream of the St. Louis crop Chino proved to be the best. Now that he's signed a multiyear deal with Nettwork Entertainment in April of this year, monumental things have been set in motion.

With Chino's rhymes and Anakin Swain's incredible beats the combination is unstoppable. Chino's simply complex lyrics and undeniable flow merges with silky, bottom heavy rhymes and some of the lushest tracks in the universe. Chino puts it in his own words, "We're making music and brining the old school back. We're tired of the skinny jeans-we're making real, real music, elevator music. I want you to feel all of my pain, joy, my expression through my music. If you listen to the music you can see my life story unfold." Nettwork Entertainment is currently preparing to release Chino's first single this summer, "Fresh To Def" and following that up with his debut album in the fall. Prepare to be blown away by Chino's original lyrics and Anakin Swain's amazing production skills. With his own 636 style Chino's last statement perfectly sums things up, "When I make the world feel like they've walked in my chucks

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Guest flavamixx

Hey mane Im feelin the track, but I need the promo pack with the clean edit.....flavamixx@gmail.com

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