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Royalty - Leh Do It

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Royalty born December 4th 1983 as William H.Garner Jr. Royalty

is the example product of his environment ,considering him and

his family grew up in rodent infested homes and dangerous

projects of Chicago,Illinois later moved to Gary, Indiana. . Royalty

quickly engaged into the streets not because of girls or nice cars,

but money so he can feed his sister and younger brothers. Royalty

was influenced by his father and his streets activities so like all

else the apple dosen't fall that far from the tree. Royalty

determined to be his own man and not a shadow of his fathers

street cred, he got it how he live he states. To him there were no

other options. Years later a best friend (Vizion) introduced him to

music in which they recorded their first song on a tape with tissue

on both sides and a pair of headphones. He's been in love with

music every since. Hardships continued but he kept his head held

high. His father passed away when Royalty was 20yrs old. He had

to make a change set rules for the family,being a role model which

was a hard job considering he was still a kid forced into a grown

man world. Royalty music talks of passion,fun times,badtimes,and

everyday life of the streets. His songs consist of Leh Do It that has

gained him buzz in chicago. His follow up thruster and Hit a lick

are just just sum of many displaying his talent. The life of Royalty

is still yet to be untold but dont sleep on him. This is only the

beginning of Royalty

Follow @RoyaltyNova on twitter!

Royalty on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Contact: ricacheent@gmail.com

Phone: 773-314-6759 or 219-951-1366 Sincere

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Here's the skinny:

Beat - 3.5

Hook - 3

Lyrics - 2.5

Production - 2.5

Vibe - 3

I like the song, the beat is pretty cold....It should be a good song for the club.....some people will jump on it because of the vibe......I'll add it to ChronicCast Radio today....

Hit this email for more promotional opportunities chroniccastradio@gmail.com

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