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Dj Hot2def - Super Lyrical (the Official Best Of Big Pun)

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2.Watch Out

3.Flex Freestyle #1

4.Fire Water

5.Live Freestyle

6.Wishful Thinking

7.Buddah Brovas Freestyle

8.Toe To Toe

9.Rhyme For Rhyme

10.Off The Books


12.You Ain't A Killer

13.Live Freestyle # 2


15.Tres Leches


17.Capital Punishment

18.Tony Touch Freestyle

19.Fast Money

20.Glamour Life

21.You Came Up

22.Parental Discretion

23.Caribbean Connection

24.Live Freestyle # 3

25.Banned From TV

26.Get At Me Dogg Freestyle

27.Drop It Heavy


29.Cross Bronx Expressway

30.Shut Em Down (Rmx)

31.John Blaze

32.Western Ways Pt.2 (DJHOT2DEF MIX)


34.Verbal Murder 2

35.Block Party

36.At The Speed Of Light (Freestyle)

37.Fantastic 4

38.Thug Brovas

39.Heavy Weights

40.Loco Bananas

41.Feelin This

42.Pass The Glock

43.In For Life

44.Rude Boy Salute

45.Whatcha Gon Do

46.Is It You

47.Oh No RMX

48.Pina Colada

49.Who's A Thug

50.The Foundation


52.You Was Wrong

53.Leather face

54.Watch Those

55.Wrong One's

56.We Don't Care

57.My Turn

58.New York Giants

59.Off Wit His Head

60.Laughing At You

61.Dat Nigga Shit

62.Quiet On The Set

63.I'm Not A Player

64.Still Not A Player

65.Bet Ya Man

66.Sitting On Top Of The World (RMX)

67.Horse And Carriage (RMX)

68.I Still Love You (RMX)

69.Been Around The World

70.Someone To Hold

71.Livin La Vida Loca (RMX)

72.Sex,Money And Drugs

73.Punish Me

74.My Dick

75.Cheat On Her

76.In Love Wit A Thug

77.It's So Hard

78. 100%


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