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Angelous - Run @Angelous1

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For many years the Brooklyn born rapper Angelous has chased the dream to be acknowledged as great as or better than any rapper that has ever hit the scene. After first hitting the scene is 2003 as a Jay-z doppelganger, Angelous quickly created a buzz by having a similar tone to the legendary Hov, but what distinguished the rapper toward getting the slightest bit of musical attention was his ability to actual rap. Being in the shadow of the iconic hip hop mogul Angelous created series of mixtapes giving him the lyrical credibility he often desired toward lyrical acknowledgement but lacked the ability to create world hitting records in mainstream hip hop music according multiple media outlets. After consecutive label turn downs and a slight decrease in his fan base, Angelous slowly began to fade from the music scene and focused on his family as well as education.

After deciding to give up music, go to school and pursue a career in community/mental health Angelous adopted the motto that “sometimes you have to sacrifice your happiness for stability and “you can find happiness in that stability" To not misconstrue his choice as an attempted of surrender; the passion for music never dissipated as Angelous continued to hone his skills by still recording music and putting out mixtapes for his core fan base not on the level to pursue mainstream stardom. One day his one-time label mate (now known brother K.Sparks) invited Angelous over to his house to show him the current project he was working on independently. With a little motivation from K.Sparks new music and success as an independent artist Angelous continued his graduate education, work and family life yet decided to work on an original project of his own. On August 11th 2015 Angelous dropped his first all original album Music I Like digitally. With the repose and criticism he receive it ignited the rapper to put forth his new single “Run” produced by Jase Harley in late May 2016.

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