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MontanaMontanaMontana Ft. J Diggs - Race Horse

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Montanamontanamontana was bread on the streets of California, his upbringing attributed to his edgy persona.he's REALLY NOT A RAPPER The life he lives is indeed portrayed through his music.... raw lyrics ....ITS JUST DOPE..... Montana Montana is about his business with his series of RNAR (really not a rapper) Mixtapes he's a West Coast in your Face emcee who proudly rocks the state of CALIFORNIA on the right side of his neck "I represent the whole Golden State because I was born and raised here my whole life, its all Cali Luv" says MontanaMontanaMontana , sitting in a ventage Louis Vuitton store inside Ceasars Palace Resort he lights up the spot Easy like a flickering fluorescent sign with his characteristic bluster Pezzy's music is filled with a classically WITTY gangster sound over punchy beats and 8o8's with clever Pimp word play P. Montana is somebody who can make it any where you put him. He says I got all elements of Hip-Hop from the West Coast streets to the East to the Dirty South MontanaMontanaMontana is like ghetto Gumbo ....

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Download MontanaMontanaMontana Ft. J Diggs - Race Horse

Contact: the Five <925five@gmail.com>

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