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Michael Sayers

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I look in your eyes into your mind and I see the lies.
Everything you have been trying to hide behind.
You lost your path, there is no turning back.
Your life is falling apart as a matter of fact.
I can't believe the things you claim to say I've done to harm you. Not true.
You chose your way left your life astray.
You're not blaming your faults on me today.
I'm not the one to blame for all your mistakes.
I'm not the enemy you want me to be.
I don't know what to say when your acting this way.
I'm not the one to blame, babe.
When everything is face to face, and day by day, you must try and destroy when nothing goes your way.
Will you tear me down, shove my face in the ground.
Everyone is sick of hearing how you think the world is holding you down.
These are the new lyrics to our rap metal tune. Free to listen, and download.


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