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Smiles Official - Snap

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Smiles Official is a young and talented aspiring artist who uses witty wordplay and clever rhetoric to write the music that has all the ladies of South Florida willing to

“make them panties drop”. Embracing his rich Jamaican background, Official has always been a lover of both music and food with lots of soul. In junction with his deeply embedded cultural roots, Smiles also accredits a

large part of his success today to the city that

raised him, Cutler Ridge. Ripe with raw talent, Smiles Official embodied all that is carpe diem, and he has

been seizing every moment since.

All in all, his attention was persistently sought out by many and he was able to broaden his network more and more every year. Through his affiliation with Deuce Mob, his love for music found him a temporary line of business as a party DJ. It was apparent even from then that Smiles Official was destined to be discovered. His energy radiates through a crowd like a surge of power. When Smiles Official is on the mic, everyone feels good. His life was at a high point, but little

did he know, the sky is the limit. Upon returning to Miami during

the Summer of 2008, Smiles Official was invited to take

the stage at Club Tuckers. On

this particular evening, the guest list was illustrious. Big names such as Larry Dogg, Grind

Mode and Piccalo were all

in attendance. That night was a turning point

in Official’s life. that night Smiles Official decided, “I’m not stopping until I make it,

period.” Smiles Official is an original talent with a unique sound, he calls it Mood

Music, and the streets love it! In just a year’s time, Smiles Official was able to

release several mixtapes, including the ladies favorite PDM: Panty Dropping

Music. His performances have become commonplace at various reputable clubs in South Florida. He worked

closely with other Miami-based organizations such as Lucky Money

Clothing, 305 Media Group, his current record label Liquid Shield, and

many more. With the crowd of people who halfheartedly attempt to pursue a career

in the Hip-Hop industry it is often difficult to tell the impostors from

the real thing. But you already know Smiles Official is as real as they come.

Follow @SmilesOfficial on twitter!





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