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  1. Alabama ppl don't support each others like they sumppoaw to eveybody hold there nuts on u

  2. Record it 4 me RT @AC_RHE: @Iam12Boi Cal @ Oregon on espn

  3. Just login myspace fir d 1st tme in 2n half yrs

  4. I hate we a mf break my sleep

  5. I got some many polo hats I can believe I gt 1 on 2nite

  6. In da flex interview @rickyrozay indirectly was saying fuck @OfficialTM103 #MMG run #DefJam

  7. everybody go follow @_1andonly06 she follow bk

  8. False footage RT @ThePhresh: WTF! Video Footage Of Diddy And TI Fight During The BET Hip Hop Awards Weekend --O - http://ow.ly/6Nrnu

  9. In dA dr getting my ass beated by some cheating mf on #WordsWithFriends

  10. fuck apple & d horse they rode in this world on

  11. She said it wasn't frm ur sex I wudnt have no love 4 u damn I feel bad lol

  12. Everybody show me some love on #Reverbnation check out 12-Boi http://t.co/86RD3e7k