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Dope16.Com MC Battle: Halloween Havoc Promo

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DOPE16.COM is about showcasing competitive hip hop in the Mid South region. Based out of Louisville, Ky Dope16.com is stretching the mindset of midwest/southern hip hop culture.

We began by showcasing a lot of street freestyles and open mic footage that the public was missing out on and in the process, many MC's got some exposure that they were missing. We were being bumrushed by battle rappers in the Louisville, Ky area that wanted to showcase what they did through us. This quickly ushered in the current era of Dope16.com.

Rap Battles, Beat Battles are what we are specializing in right now. If anyone is in the Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee region (Mid South) and would like to showcase hip hop battles with us just send me an email b@dope16.com and we can work something out alongside the

Bruce "Beezy" Betts - CEO/Founder

DJ Empty Beats - President




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