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Could The Recession End “The Simpsons”?

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Guest BigBullyOrg

The recession has nothing to do with the negotiation woes that is troubling the staff of the Simpsons. I read the newspaper daily and I read about this just this morning. There are about 5 actors that work for the Simpsons, the voice actors. They are paid $8 Million per year for about 22 weeks of work. The network, Fox, wants to cut their pay 49% for the next season. They would still make a little under $4 Million a piece, for less than half a yrs work. I was a lil upset about them arguing that $4 Mil wasnt enough but then I saw their counter offer. The voice actors have agreed to take a 30% cut if Fox agrees to cut them royalties. The Simpsons makes an unreported Billion dollars per year just from syndication. I dont blame them for wanting more $$$

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