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50 Cent Was A Bully?

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''I Wanted To Tell This Story''
6:00AM ET October 4th, 2011
Contributor : Chris G.
A Rocky Williform Company

50 Cent Was A Bully?

Apparently, 50 Cent used to be quite the schoolyard tough. The rapper discussed his controversial past in a recent interview. Fiddy admitted that as a youngster, he used to torment weaker kids, and now he wants to help curb that kind of behavior. But he wanted to tell the story of how a kid becomes a bully, as well.

He says this was his motivation for co-authoring the anti-bullying book Playground.

"I'll be the first to admit that not everything I've done in my life has been role-model material," 50 said. "I've been on the wrong side of the law. I've been in violent situations. I've also been a bully. I know how a person gets to be like that. That's why I wanted to tell this story: to show a kid who has become a bully--how and why that happened,and whether or not he can move past it."

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