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Kanye West's Fashion Rant

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''This Is Not Some Celebrity Sh*t''
6:00AM ET October 4th, 2011
Contributor : Erica Moore
A Rocky Williform Company

Kanye West's Fashion Rant

Kanye West had another 'Kanye Moment' at Paris Fashion Week. The rapper apparently took exception with critics who claim his women's wear line is simply a vanity project and lashed out--reminding everyone that he takes his work very seriously.

âIâm feeling good.[...]Thank you for anybody that didnât believe, because they motivated us to break our boundaries," he said in an interview. "We donât know what the reviews will be, we donât know what they will say, but I got a chance to go to Italy and feel those fabrics. I begged Louis Vuitton to let me do more shoes after my shoes sold out in two weeks, and they did not. I begged Nike, I begged this company to let me do it. And I took out motherfâing loans to get the best models, to get the best designers, to get the best venue. I gave you everything that I had."

âThis is my first collection. Please be easy. Please give me a chance to grow," he continued. "This is not some celebrity sh*t. I donât f*ck with celebrities. I f*ck with the creatives in this room, the amazing people who spend every day of their life trying to make the world a more beautiful place."

âThe amount of people that tried to get me a celebrity f*cking deal," he continued. "They said, âYou need to do boot-cut jeans, or you wonât sell.â Shut the f*ck up ! Or Hedi Slimane in the motherf*cking Mercer, sitting with me, saying, âStop giving them your ideas, Kanye. Do your own thing.â Hedi Slimane! To feel so frustrated. And I thank anybody who came to this party, everybody who supported, everybody who believed, because people thought it was a joke, and maybe people still do, but I can only grow from this point.â

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