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T.I. Calms Down Diddy After Heated Argument In Club With Fan

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This past weekend, Tip was playing the role of peacemaker again, this time calming down a very angry Diddy.

MTV's RapFix reports that during an event at club Compound, which Diddy MCed, the rap mogul became very angry, calling out a person inside the club for promoting a beverage other than Ciroc vodka, for which he is a stakeholder.

Things got heated as Diddy snatched the drink from the partygoer, after which the man approached the entrepreneur.

However, T.I. took the microphone from Diddy, and suggested that everyone relax, which diffused the situation.

Check out the video below:

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I know that Ciroc was a sponsor of the party and Kenny Burns is affiliated with Grey Goose but I think Diddy handled it wrong . TI handled the situation correctly and if Diddy has any problems with what TIp said he should look at the footage and realize that TIP was being a real friend. Kudos to the King!

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