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Kreayshawn Catches Up with Carson Daly on ‘Last Call’ [Video]

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Carson Daly shined a spotlight on Kreayshawn on his NBC show “Last Call.” The 22-year-old Bay Area native, who wears many hats including “rapper, graphic designer, director, model, DJ, and professional bitch snatcher,” explained how she got her name, the inspiration behind “Gucci Gucci,” saving up enough money to buy a MacBook by working at IKEA, and battling adversity.

“There’s a lot of people who want to push you down, one for being a female and one for being white,” explained Kreayshawn. “In Oakland, that’s how I grew up. It’s so multicultural, you don’t really see color. Hip-hop was created for everybody to come together. Hip-hop is a culture for all races.”

The White Girl Mob leader is not worried if her music career doesn’t take off. “Whatever happens happens and I know that I’m a good person and I’m smart and I’m funny,” she said. “If the music thing doesn’t work out, I’m talented at a million other things.”

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