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Troy Davis Executed, Hip Hop Reacts

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''Let's See the Barbarism We've Sanctioned''
6:00AM ET September 22nd, 2011
Contributor : Stephen Willis
A Rocky Williform Company

Troy Davis Executed, Hip Hop Reacts

Death Row inmate Troy Davis was executed last night (September 21) shortly after 11pm, much to the shock and dismay of supporters around the world. Over 1,000,000 people had signed a petition to prevent Davis' execution and a crowd of protesters had gathered outside of the prison in Jackson, GA where Davis was to be executed in the hopes of stopping the killing. Despite everyone's efforts, the Supreme Court denied a stay of execution and Davis' life was lost. Davis was convicted of killing a security guard in 1989, but several witnesses later recanted their stories and another suspect reportedly even confessed to other people that he had pulled the trigger.

Davis had garnered support from former United States president Jimmy Carter, Pope Benedict XVI, former FBI director William Sessions and others. Several hip hop notables tweeted their reactions to the news:

"May God be with Troy Davis!!!!" Cash Money/Young Money President Mack Maine tweeted.

"REST IN POWER AND IN PEACE #TROY DAVIS!!! BLESSINGS 2 UR FAMILY AS WELL," Busta Rhymes responded once the news had broken."I think executions should be broadcast live on television," Russell Simmons tweeted. "Let us see the barbarianism we've sanctioned."

"Troy Davis was executed six minutes ago...Wow. The American Justice System. SMH," Ice-T tweeted about the execution.

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