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YES -Essentially Yes (2006) (5CD BoxSet) (Lossless)


YES - Essentially Yes (2006) (5CD BoxSet) (Lossless)

EAC Rip | 5CD | FLAC - Log - Cue | Scans | Release: 2006 | ~ 2.36 GB

Genre: Progressive Rock, Art Rock, Album Rock | Label: Eagle

YESare the most successful and longest lived of all the progressive rockbands that appeared in the late sixties / early seventies, stillreleasing albums and playing to packed houses nearly forty years fromtheir formation. This 5CD box set includes their three most recentstudio albums: Open Your Eyes, The Ladder and Magnification plustheir 1994 album Talk. The fifth CD sees the first ever release ofhighlights from their live concert at Montreux in 2003.

Manyof Yes post-1987 studio albums seemed to have slipped through thecracks, as seemingly only hardcore fans are familiar with such releasesas 1994s Talk, 1997s Open Your Eyes, 1999s The Ladder, and 2001sMagnification. But now you have another chance to discover theselatter-day Yes efforts in one fell swoop, as 2006 saw the release of thefive-disc Essentially Yes. Included are all four aforementioned albums,as well as a fifth disc that collects highlights from 2007s Live atMontreux 2003. For decades by this point, Yesstudio albums had becomeincreasingly clean-sounding affairs with near-perfect playing, and thefour studio albums here all follow this same blueprint -- as evidencedby such tracks as Homeworld (The Ladder), The Calling, andWonderlove. And the live disc is the same as well (the grit of 1973sYessongs is replaced with perfectly executed renditions of theclassics). If you dont already own these titles, it probably makessense to acquire them via Essentially Yes.Tracklist

CD 1: Talk (1994)

1. The Calling

2. I Am Waiting

3. Real Love

4. State Of Play

5. Walls

6. Where Will You Be

7. Endless Dream:

(a) Silent Spring (Instrumental)


© Endless Dream

8. The Calling (Special Version)

CD 2: Open Your Eyes (1997)

01. New State Of Mind

02. Open Your Eyes

03. Universal Garden

04. No Way We Can Lose

05. Fortune Seller

06. Man In The Moon

07. Wonderlove

08. The Balcony

09. Love Shine

10. Somehow.....Someday

11. Solution

CD3: The Ladder (1999) Enhanced CD

01. Homeworld (The Ladder)

02. It Will Be A Good Day (The River)

03. Lightning Strikes

04. Can I

05. Face To Face

06. If Only You Knew

07. To Be Alive (Hep Yadda)

08. Finally

09. The Messenger

10. New Language

11. Nine Voices (Longwalker)

CD 4: Magnification (2001)

01. Magnification

02. Spirit Of Survival

03. Dont Go

04. Give Love Each Day

05. Can You Imagine

06. We Agree

07. Soft As A Dove

08. Dreamtime

09. In The Presence Of:

(I) Deeper

(II) Death Of Ego

(III) True Beginner

(IV) Turn Around And Remember

10. Time Is Time

CD 5: Live At Montreux 2003

1. Siberian Khartu

2. Magnification

3. Dont Kill The Whale

4. In The Presence Of:

(I) Deeper

(II) Death Of Ego

(III) True Beginner

(IV) Turn Around And Remember

5. And You And I:

(I) Cord Of Life

(II) Eclipse

(III) The Preacher The Teacher

(IV) Apocalypse

6. Awaken

7. Ive Seen All Good People:

(I) Your Move

(II) All Good People







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