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Rick Flare - Cut The Check (2011)

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Label: Focused Noise

Genre: Hip-Hop

Quality: 245 kBit/s VBR

Size: 78.6 MB

Playing Time: 44:23 min

Rick Flare was an original member of the San Francisco based Hip-Hop group Bored Stiff. He was known by many as Kwanza, Dubstar Infamous, Dubba, and K-Dub. Unfortunately he didn't live to see the release of his new solo album "Cut The Check". He died of a heart attack in his sleep on November 29, 2010.

Track List:

1. Can U Imagine (Produced By Rick Flare, TD Camp) 4:10

2. My City Ft. Jay Ant (Produced By TD Camp) 4:52

3. Where It's Ft. Akil (Produced By 24 Lifetimez) 4:08

4. Fa Reel (Produced By 24 Lifetimez) 4:00

5. My Hustle (Produced By Otayo Dub) 3:17

6. Time Wit You Ft. Jay Ant (Produced By Otayo Dub) 3:38

7. Grandito Negrito (Produced By 24 Lifetimez) 3:54

8. Said & Done Ft. Jay Ant, Jovon Benson (Produced By 24 Lifetimez 4:44

9. Actin' Like Us Ft. San Quinn, G-Boss (Produced By 24 Lifetimez 4:34

10. Sweat That (Produced By 24 Lifetimez) 3:39

11. Grandito's Back (Produced By Jo Co Cashus) 3:50

12. Fancy Giirl Ft. Misha-Rae (Produced By 24 Lifetimez) 4:00

13. Family Ft. Yaya, Meemee (Produced By TD Camp) 3:29

14. Old School Ft. K.O.S. (Bonus)(Produced By 24 Lifetimez) 5:40







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