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Bal-Sagoth - The Chthonic Chronicles (2006)

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Bal-Sagoth - The Chthonic Chronicles (2006)


Bal-Sagoth - The Chthonic Chronicles (2006)

EAC Rip | APE (image + .cue) + log + covers | 12 tracks | 450 mb

Genre: Epic Black Metal | Label: Irond



01. The Sixth Adulation Of His Chthonic Majesty [0:04:19.72]

02. Invocations Beyond The Outer-World Night [0:05:25.42]

03. Six Score And Ten Oblations To A Malefic Avatar [0:06:07.70]

04. The Obsidian Crown Unbound [0:05:58.16]

05. The Fallen Kingdoms Of The Abyssal Plain [0:04:37.73]

06. Shackled To The Trilithon Of Kutulu [0:04:01.46]

07. The Hammer Of The Emperor [0:06:58.21]

08. Unfettering The Hoary Sentinels Of Karnak [0:04:21.54]

09. To Storm The Cyclopean Gates Of Byzantium [0:04:57.30]

10. Arcana Antediluvia [0:05:07.31]

11. Beneath The Crimson Vaults Of Cydonia [0:05:14.67]

12. Return To Hatheg-Kla [0:03:27.72]


Total time [01:00:38]



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