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Queen - Extra Tracks (1974-2005 + 2007)

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Queen - Extra Tracks (1974-2005 + 2007)

17CD | 102 Tracks | MP3 192-320kbps | 44,1kHz | 531 Min | 738 MB

Genre: Rock


Queen\01 Liar (single edit)

Queen\02 Mad The Swine

Queen\03 Keep Yourself Alive (long lost retake)

Queen\04 Liar (HR remix)

Queen II\01 See What A Fool Ive Been

Queen II\02 Funny How Love Is (single version)

Sheer Heart Attack\01 Flick Of The Wrist (single version)

Sheer Heart Attack\02 Tenement Funster (single version)

Sheer Heart Attack\03 Stone Cold Crazy (HR remix)

Sheer Heart Attack\04 Stone Cold Crazy (live in London 74)

A Night At The Opera\01 Im In Love With My Car (single version)

A Night At The Opera\02 Im In Love With My Car (HR remix)

A Night At The Opera\03 Youre My Best Friend (HR remix)

A Night At The Opera\04 Im In Love With My Car (Rocks version)

A Day At The Races\01 Tie Your Mother Down (HR remix)

A Day At The Races\02 Somebody To Love (HR remix)

A Day At The Races\03 Teo Torriatte (high definition mix)

News Of The World\01 Its Late (single edit)

News Of The World\02 My Melancholy Blues (live in Houston 77)

Jazz\01 Fat Bottomed Girls (single version)

Jazz\02 Fat Bottomed Girls (HR remix)

The Game\01 A Human Body

The Game\02 Coming Soon (2003 remix)

Flash Gordon\01 Flash

Hot Space\01 Soul Brother

Hot Space\02 Back Chat (single remix)

Hot Space\03 Back Chat (extended version)

Hot Space\04 Staying Power (extended version)

Hot Space\05 Body Language (HR remix)

Hot Space\06 Under Pressure (GHII CD edit)

Hot Space\07 Under Pressure (HR remix)

Hot Space\09 Calling All Girls (live in Tokyo 82)

The Works\01 Radio Ga Ga (extended version)

The Works\02 Radio Ga Ga (instrumental)

The Works\03 I Go Crazy

The Works\04 I Want To Break Free (single version)

The Works\05 I Want To Break Free (extended version)

The Works\06 Machines (instrumental)

The Works\07 Its A Hard Life (extended version)

The Works\08 Hammer To Fall (single version)

The Works\09 Hammer To Fall (Headbangers mix)

The Works\10 Man On The Prowl (extended version)

The Works\11 Keep Passing The Open Windows (extended version)

The Works\12 Thank God Its Christmas

The Works\13 Hammer To Fall (HR remix)

The Works\14 Rock In Rio Blues (live in Rio 85)

A Kind Of Magic\01 One Vision (single version)

A Kind Of Magic\02 One Vision (extended version)

A Kind Of Magic\03 Blurred Vision

A Kind Of Magic\04 A Kind Of Magic (extended version)

A Kind Of Magic\05 A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling

A Kind Of Magic\06 Friends Will Be Friends (extended version)

A Kind Of Magic\07 Friends Will Be Friends Will Be Friends

A Kind Of Magic\08 Pain Is So Close To Pleasure (single version)

A Kind Of Magic\09 Pain Is So Close To Pleasure (extended version)

A Kind Of Magic\10 Who Wants To Live Forever (single version)

A Kind Of Magic\11 Forever

A Kind Of Magic\12 Who Wants To Live Forever (GHII CD edit)

A Kind Of Magic\13 Gimme The Prize (intrumental remix)

A Kind Of Magic\14 One Year Of Love (extended version)

A Kind Of Magic\15 A Kind Of Magic (Highlander version)

A Kind Of Magic\16 We Will Rock You (live in London 86 single edit)

A Kind Of Magic\17 Under Pressure (live in London 86)

A Kind Of Magic\18 A Kind Of Magic (live in London 86)

A Kind Of Magic\19 Another One Bites The Dust (live in London 86)

A Kind Of Magic\20 Tutti Frutti (live in London 86)

A Kind Of Magic\21 Crazy Little Thing Called Love (live in London 86)

A Kind Of Magic\22 God Save The Queen (live in London 86)

A Kind Of Magic\23 Tavaszi Szel Vizet Araszt (live in Budapest 86)

The Miracle\01 I Want It All (single version)

The Miracle\02 Hang On In There

The Miracle\03 Chinese Torture

The Miracle\04 Breakthru (extended version)

The Miracle\05 Stealin

The Miracle\06 The Invisible Man (video version)

The Miracle\07 The Invisible Man (extended version)

The Miracle\08 Hijack My Heart

The Miracle\09 Scandal (extended version)

The Miracle\10 My Life Has Been Saved

The Miracle\11 I Want It All (HR version)

The Miracle\12 The Miracle (Classic edit)

The Miracle\13 I Want It All (Rocks version)

Innuendo\01 Innuendo (explosive version)

Innuendo\02 Headlond (radio edit)

Innuendo\03 Im Going Slightly Mad (LP edit)

Innuendo\04 Headlong (LP edit)

Innuendo\05 Lost Opportunity

Innuendo\06 Headlong (video version)

Innuendo\07 I Cant Live With You (HR remix)

Innuendo\08 Queen Talks

Made In Heaven\01 Heaven For Everyone (single version)

Made In Heaven\02 Its A Beautiful Day (single version)

Made In Heaven\03 Let Me Live (original version)

Made In Heaven\04 You Dont Fool Me (single edit)

Made In Heaven\05 You Dont Fool Me (late mix)

Queen Rocks\01 I Cant Live With You (Rocks retake)

Queen Rocks\02 No One But You

Greatest Hits III\01 The Show Must Go On (live in Paris 97)

Greatest Hits III\02 Under Pressure (rah mix)

Greatest Hits III\03 Under Pressure (rah mix radio edit)

Greatest Hits III\04 Under Pressure (club mix)

46664 One Year On\01 Invincible Hope













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