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Kim Wilde - Original Gold (1998)

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Kim Wilde - Original Gold (1998)


Kim Wilde - Original Gold (1998)

Genre: Pop | Release: October 9, 1998 | Label: Disky | MP3 320 kbps | 2CD | 264 MB


Disc: 1

1. Kids In America

2. Chequered Love

3. Water On Glass

4. Everything We Know

5. Young Heroes

6. 26580

7. You'll Never Be So Wrong

8. Falling Out

9. Tuning In Tuning On

10. Ego

11. View From A Bridge

12. Words Fell Down

13. Action City

14. Just A Feeling

15. Cambodia

Disc: 2

1. Love Blonde

2. Dancing In The Dark

3. Sing It Out For Love

4. Child Come Away

5. Sparks

6. House Of Salome

7. Shane

8. Stay Awhile

9. Boys

10. Watching For Shapes

11. Can You Hear It

12. Backstreet Joe

13. Love Blonde (2)

14. Dancing In The Dark (2)

15. Chaos At The Airport

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